Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started in Biathlon?

The best way to get started in biathlon is to stop out at one of the "Introduction to Biathlon" clinics, scheduled periodically throughout the year. This will provide the required safety training in order to participate, and will give you the opportunity to learn more about the sport and give it a try. The Wisconsin Biathlon Association will provide all the equipment that is required. Check out the event schedule for upcoming introductory clinics.

Are there any limits to who can particpate in biathlon?

The Wisconsin Biathlon Association consists of individuals of all ages & abilities. As long as you are able to follow the range safety rules and conduct yourself in a responsible manner you are welcome to particpate. Some members are serious competitors, while others particiapte on a more recreational level. Athletes generally begin at age 12, and events have seperate age categories for Youth, Juniors, Seniors, and Masters.

Do I need to live in Wisconsin in order to participate?

No, we currently have members participating who reside in Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan.

How do I join?

If you plan to regularly participate in club practices and events, you will need an annual membership. Please visit the membership page for more information.

Do I need my own rifle in order to particpate?

The club is able to provide rifles for use during selected practices and events. This is a great way for you to come out and give the sport a try before investing in your own equipment. If you want to become more involved in biathlon, you will want to own your own rifle. Having your own rifle will allow you to fit it properly to your bodies dimensions and practice "dry fire" drills at home when you are unable to access a range.

Where can I purchase a biathlon rifle and biathlon equipment?

The rifles used in biathlon are specialized equipment and will not be readily available at your local sporting goods or firearm retailer. For all equipment biathlon related we suggest you contact Marc Sheppard at Altius Firearms, a specialty biathlon shop located in Montana. Marc has the experience and knowledge to help you select the appropriate equipment for your needs. You may also want to stop out to a club practice and try out the various rifle options before you make your purchase.

Where in Wisconsin can I participate in biathlon?

Currently there are two biathlon venues in the state: the McMiller Park Sports Center in Eagle (Southeastern WI) and at the Blackhawk Ski Club in Middleton (near Madison). In the future we encourage interested individuals and clubs to expand the sport in Wisconsin by developing a biathlon venue in your area.

Can I practice at the biathlon range anytime?

The biathlon range at McMiller Park is available for use only by safety-certified club members during scheduled practice times. Please refer to the event calendar for practice and event dates. Unauthorized use during unscheduled times could result in you losing your range use priviledges.

Is biathlon the greatest, most fun, most challenging sport ever?

Yes, as a matter of fact it is.